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A general term for injection processes that use special chemical solutions to improve oil recovery, remove formation damage, clean blocked perforations or formation layers, reduce or inhibitcorrosion, upgrade crude oil, or address crude oil flow-assurance issues. Injection can be administered continuously, in batches, in injection wells, or at times in production wells.

Chemical Injection Skids are designed to complement our water treatment systems to provide critical reagents for standard operation conditions. Each skid could include multiple units to deliver reagents at different points in the treatment train.

Paskals designs and builds chemical injection skids and customizes system packages to meet individual specifications.


We offer Chemical Injection Packages, including the reservoir and controlled dosing rates appliances which are typically described as Integrated Dosing Packages. In this field, the added value to the customer is of a more detailed and integrated nature, where we combine our mechanical expertise with instrumentation, PLC unit control and flow control capabilities.

Generally packaged equipment is customized to a client’s specific requirements and thus to meet customers Specifications.
Fully independent from a pump manufacturer and skilled in all disciplines required for multi-disciplinary packages, we are able to advise the client, design and manufacture and also customize the specific packages to client requirements. Besides the pump(s) itself, the instrumentation like flow measurement, PLC control units etc. may form an integral part of the dosing packages included in the delivery program.

As a packager our expertise results in various design approaches to obtain the required flow regime as there are for example stroke adjustment, variable speed and multiple flow paths. Also the various design selection criteria are applied to come to an optimal and efficient design based on for instance multiple pump heads or the use of flow control valves, etc.

Also we are a technology solutions provider to the oil and gas industry. The packager creates value for its customers with innovative and professionally delivered solutions.


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