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Fully automatic test units for quick and efficient testing a series of valves. Our IT specialists design smart software for the test- & operation system. The fully integrated computer system assures a very simple operating procedure. The test- & operation system controls the test procedure and a combination of accurate pressure sensors and flow meters detect / measure any leakage. The intelligent software compares the found test results with the programmed
test standard. Within seconds the system gives a pass or fail signal.


Range DN10 2200 mm. / - 86.
Horizontal (stem vertical) or vertical stem horizontal).
1 2000 tons of clamping force.
With no or limited linear force on the valve body.
Test pressure range: from vacuum up to 2000 bar / 30,000 PSI.
Test medium: Liquid, compressed air, Nitrogen, Helium or Hydrogen.


Computer registration system.
Fully automatic operation system.
Testing one or a complete series of valves.
Automatic open close action.
Valve performance testing, considering measuring of the stroke measuring, open/close time and torque measuring.
Auto clamping system with proportional clamping force system.
Low pressure air test system 7 bars / 100 PSI.
Computer Registration System.
Pressure transducers and digital mass flow meters to measure seat leakage according class II, III and IV.
Laser Bubble Counter according standards
Stainless steel control panel.
Stainless tubing for better electronic control.
High pressure water prefilling system.
High accuracy gauges and pressure transmitters.

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