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Laboratory sized Micro Reactor Units

A micro reactor or microstructure reactor or micro channel reactor is a device in which chemical reactions take place in a confinement, the most typical form of such confinement are micro channels. Micro reactors are studied in the field of micro process engineering, together with other devices (such as micro heat exchangers) in which physical processes occur.


The micro reactor is usually a continuous flow reactor (contrast with/to a batch reactor). Micro reactors offer many advantages over conventional scale reactors, including vast improvements in energy efficiency, reaction speed and yield, safety, reliability, scalability, on-site/on-demand production, and a much finer degree of process control.

Using micro reactors is somewhat different from using a glass vessel. These reactors may be a valuable tool in the hands of an experienced chemist or reaction engineer:

Micro reactors typically have Heat Exchangers and can remove heat much more efficiently than vessels and even critical reactions.


Micro reactors can also enable experiments to be performed at a far lower scale and far higher experimental rates than currently possible in batch production, while not collecting the physical experimental output. The benefits here are primarily derived from the low operating scale, and the integration of the required sensor technologies to allow high quality understanding of an experiment. The integration of the required synthesis, purification and analytical capabilities is impractical when operating outside of a micro fluidic context.


Micro reactor technology is currently emerging as a new way of conducting chemical process steps. The technique is very promising because micro reactors, or microstructure reactors, as they are also called, have some intrinsic advantages:


Improved control over process parameters

Enhanced safety for production of chemical compounds

Less chemical waste and less consumption of precious starting compounds


These benefits encouraged researchers in academia and industry to introduce micro reactor technology into their own laboratory.


Paskals now develop and build the essential hardware and software around laboratory sized micro reactors, and offer complete fully automatic software operated systems in order to harvest the great potentials of this new technology.

Furthermore, we help to implement devices in the chemical environment and work together with our customers, in a broad field of expertise from organic chemistry to mechanical and software engineering. 


    Mini Plant Units


    Demonstration Scale Units


    Bench Scale Units


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