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This unit is developed to check the Continuous Operation of CNG Regulator by conducting cycling test of 50,000 cycle







Probably this is the most common usage for the TestPAC. This heading covers both “burst” and “proof” testing of components





Custom Engineered Test Equipment


Oxygen Test Rig, Oxygen Booster Systems
Oxygen Plant

Argon Charging Unit, Air Service Carts





Gas Cabinets


Gas Cabinet enclosures are designed to dispense gases in a controlled manner





Priority Panels


Priority Panels are designed around our own extremely reliable and robust Priority Valve




Gas Control Panel


Paskals manufactures a complete line of Custom Engineered gas control panels





Special Gas Systems


Oxygen Test, Oxygen Booster Systems






Engineering Projects


Oxygen Plant

Argon Charging Unit






SF6 Recovery & Charging Trolley


Paskals SF6 Gas Carts are designed to evacuate


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